A little can change a lot

Feb 03, 2017

If you go shopping with a Montessori teacher, you may find yourself on the hunt for that “just-right” spoon, natural fiber trays and beautiful small pitchers of glass or ceramic.

We go to flea markets and farmer’s markets, big box stores and garage sales, always searching for those materials that will make the classroom beautiful and functional. The developmental needs of the children are the guiding blueprint to the creation of the classroom.

Preparing a home environment can be more challenging.

At home, not only meeting the needs of the child is important, but also all members of the family.

Sometimes we are hesitant to make alterations to our homes due to the feeling that we don’t know what to change first, how much change to make and how to go about it.

Let me tell you about a Montessori teacher’s best friend – 3M Command TM Products

We see them in all the stores, damage-free hanging solutions available in a range of colors and sizes.

These products can be a true gem. They are a wonderful “first step” tool to create an environment

suitable for the youngest in the family without compromising the needs of others in the household.

Why is this so important?

Including the youngest child as a vital and functional member of the household is key to the development of the child’s self-esteem and security. Having materials within their reach that have a practical function in the care and keeping of themselves and their home makes them more aware of sharing a space with other people. It makes them responsible not only for themselves but the well-being of others. In addition to developing their skill and coordination, the child will deepen their sense of family and community.

Ready to give it a try today? Start with one room.

In the bathroom: Hang towels at the right height for the youngest in the family to dry their own hands.

In the kitchen: Keep a dust pan and broom easily accessible to sweep up crumbs and debris.

In the bedroom: Display a mirror your child can use to help in dressing and grooming.

In the hallway: Outerwear can be easily put away with a well-placed hook on a wall or door.

So many uses! So many design solutions!

Join in the conversation! In the comments below, share with us which room you chose and how did it go!

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