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Mar 14, 2017

Where I live, the weather can start one temperature in the morning and be completely different by the afternoon.

This winter has been no exception. Chilly mornings and warm afternoons have us juggling for the right layers needed for the day.

In my house, Chelyn and Emily can choose the clothing they wish to wear that day and choose their outerwear depending on the temperature.

To help them make appropriate choices for outerwear, an outdoor digital thermometer has been a helpful tool that allows them to see what the temperature is and whether or not to wear a jacket that day.

The house rule is if the temperature is above 60 degrees then they can choose to wear a coat or jacket if they wish. If the temperature is under 60 degrees, then they must wear a jacket. The jackets available to them are styles that they can put on by themselves.

Here are 5 tips to consider when choosing the most ‘child friendly’ style

  1. Look for coats with exposed zippers. Young children learning how to open and close zippers will have a greater degree of success when the zipper can slide up and down with ease without catching onto outer placket. A jacket style with an open or exposed zipper is easier for little fingers.
  2. Watch out for tight cuffs. Slipping arms in and out of sleeves can be easier for young children when the cuff of the coat is made of a soft elastic. Tight fitting cuffs increase the difficulty of the child to remove the coat independently.
  3.  Keep an eye open for stiff buttons, toggles and snaps. Coats with closures of snaps, toggles or buttons are made to be resilient to everyday wear and tear. The design is great for keeping out the chill but make sure it doesn’t keep little fingers from being able to manage them. Look for coat styles with big buttons or snaps against a soft pliable fabric.
  4. Keep it simple. Modern styles can be adorable with double breasted buttons, sashes or multiple zippers. However, they can be confusing for young children to manage independently. Tracking which buttons go with which buttons holes can lead to frustration and dampen the child’s desire to try it by themselves.
  5. Once you find the coat, teach your child the ‘lift and flip.’ Here is the way that children put on jackets in a Montessori classroom. The child begins by placing the coat on the floor. They stand with their feet in front of the collar or hood of the coat. They then bend over and place their hands inside the armholes and lift the coat to flip it over their heads and settle the coat onto the shoulders.

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