The Baby is Coming!!!! Preparing for your biggest life change…ever (Part-2)

Apr 29, 2017

So how does the baby’s room change as she enters months 6-12?

Important changes are occurring in the development of the child during this period.  The baby will start moving, touching objects while lying on her back or stomach and when she can, grasp them and put them in her mouth. She will begin to move her body to roll over, slither, crawl, pull herself to a standing position and take those first crucial steps to master walking. To respond to the developmental needs of this time, the physical space needs some modification.


­­­­­Add a little thing about floor bed. Baby continues on floor bed – still able to in and out by self – whole environment is safe.


Weaning begins at this stage, so the feeding chair is no longer used for the sole purpose of feeding the child.

A weaning chair and table can now be introduced. These two pieces of furniture should be heavy enough to support the weight of the child and not tip over.

This allows the child to eat or work on an activity securely while satisfying the child’s need for movement and independence.

At this time the child will be taking her meals in the kitchen. The weaning table and chair from the child’s room can be carried into the kitchen or an additional weaning table and chair may be purchased or made for the kitchen. This table and chair should be used on the occasions when the child is eating by herself. At family meals, the child will sit at the table with the family.


Bench is add here. Put on your own pants – help in the process. Parent helps to do it independently.

Environment5-12Movement-min.a48e06b36ceecb3e367f1abccf6e5ecf533042ac[1]­­When the child is ready to pull up to a stand, we can place a bar, stool or ottoman in their room to assist her with this movement. If a bar is used, it is securely mounted to the mirror of the movement area.

The shelf in the movement area will remain but the activities on the shelves will be changed appropriate for the child’s needs at this stage of her development.

Preparing for the arrival of your baby can be a busy time. Look for those moments to savor in the creation of this special space. Knowing that her room will have just what she needs will allow you to focus on the most important thing – enjoying and loving your baby!

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Many thanks to Michelle from The Montessori Company for her permission to utilize their illustratiions for our article.



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