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Aug 16, 2017


As I write this, the first day of school is around the corner – a new school year brings inspiration and rejuvenation.

I’m so grateful for our preparation for the first day of school.

The preparation was mainly related to adjusting our routines and making a few adjustments to our home space.

The whole goal is to promote and enable as much independence as possible and have a relaxed feeling as the school year starts.

I partnered with my daughter, and we had a conversation that included the following topics:

  • Morning and evening routines: adjusting sleep schedules and alarm clocks to ensure she was well rested
  • Lunch: her menu selections and putting things on the grocery list, so she is 100% in charge of preparing and packing her own lunches
  • Goals for this year: things she wants

As far as stuff and organization in our home, everything remains pretty much the same – the theme continues of “what she uses most often is ready and accessible and has a designated spot.”

So, the closet, bathroom, entry area, living room, playroom, and bedroom stayed the same – except for resetting the alarm clock in the bedroom.

The kitchen needed the most adjustments: we created a space in the pantry and the refrigerator for her lunch items.



The whole thing only took about 30 minutes or so. While these preparations were quick, these routines have been in formation for YEARS – it certainly didn’t happen overnight.

We’ve been conscientiously adding layer by layer to set her up for success and promote independence. Thank goodness that everything has a place, and she knows what she needs!

If you are we are hesitant to make alterations to our homes due to the feeling that you don’t know what to change first, how much change to make and how to go about it.

Start with one room and one thing!

For Example:

In the bathroom: Hang towels at the right height for the youngest in the family to dry their own hands.

In the kitchen: Keep a dust pan and broom easily accessible to sweep up crumbs and debris.

Remember, a little can change a lot!

Read more about our routines here: A Simple (but genius) way to improve  “A Day in the Life in our home.

How are you preparing to have a relaxing start to the school year?

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