Setting the Tone for the Whole Home

Feb 09, 2018

Can you believe it!?!?

I’m back in a classroom! It happened all of a sudden – a local school had an urgent need to fill a classroom teacher position for this semester, and it was a great fit!

It has been exactly a month that I’ve been teaching in this Montessori classroom (ages 3-6), and more than ever – it never ceases to amaze me: the powerful impact that the environment has on children.

Creating the classroom environment has been fun – this is my favorite part of my work.

That’s why I’m thrilled to share the Entry Area of our house, where the family comes and goes every day (often multiple times a day!)

Often a home’s “command center,” this space sets the tone for the experience of the whole home, and it can often get crowded with bags, coats, and shoes.

Here are some photos from the entry way in our home…

This space has been tailored to provide suitable space for storing my daughters’ belongings.

We have a small closet right by the door.

This closet wasn’t enough space to store all our stuff – plus it didn’t provide easy access and reachability for a young child.

The only items for our younger daughter that are stored in the closet are her jacket and backpack on low hooks.

Here is the set-up I created back when Emily was had just started to walk at 13 months…


As you can see, each basket has only one category stored in it – such as shoes, hats, or mittens etc…

Small baskets make things manageable for young children.

By having a place for everything and everything in its place, Emily (at just 13 months) quickly learned where her things belong and was able to manage her belongings independently.

The mirror is a key component of the Entry Area: having a spot to check one’s appearance before leaving allows the child to be in charge of adjustments that they can take care of themselves – like straightening a hat, fixing mismatched buttons on a coat, etc.

So, what do you think happens when Emily returns home?
I spend less time helping her put things away, and this area remains clutter-free!

And the best part?

Emily loves putting things away by herself!

By the way, have you noticed what is on the wall?


A mini reading corner!

I have set up several reading corners in our home.

Emily picks up a book to read all the time without being asked.

You want to install great habits and a love of learning at an early age…and thoughtfully-prepared spaces help you do just that!

How is your entry area? Do you need to tweak a little?  If so, what are you thinking?




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