Black & White: Munari Mobile & More!

Jan 07, 2019

Munari got a lot of love!!!  Last year, at 5,306 views, this was our most-viewed listing. Here is little more information about it:

The first mobile to  presented to a baby is the Munari Mobile – a mobile specifically designed with high contrast to support the infant’s developing visual discrimination, tracking, and focus. Mobiles are great for the education of the baby’s visual sense.

As Dr.Montessori says, “The training of the senses is of the utmost importance – the higher development of the senses actually precedes that of the higher intellectual faculties.”

Over the years as part of my Bella’s Casa work, making these mobiles is my attempt to offer the wonder of this early development with as many babies and parents as possible!

The Munari mobile is presented to the baby before they are intentionally grasping or purposefully reaching. The mobile is close enough so that a baby can focus on the parts, and approximately 8-10 inches from her head.


Other black and white high-contrast things can be included in a baby’s  environment include the Black & White Animal Cards – some framed on the wall by a baby’s changing area, and some loose and ready to show her in the car and around the house.

Read more details about how to hang the mobiles –hanging options!

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