The Magic of Montessori- Tidy-Up Tips That Will Change Your Life

Jul 19, 2020


They might be little, but their stuff is EVERYWHERE! We’re here to show you how to take control and tidy up Montessori style.

We’ll share with you 5 principles that you can use to manage:

  • Small toys and knick knacks
  • Puzzles
  • Books- big and small
  • Toys of all shapes and sizes
  • Birthday gifts
  • Dress up clothes
  • Musical instruments

And More!

The Five Montessori Steps to Success

1. Limit the number

2. Basket, tray or bin

3. Rotate

4. Access

5. Order – A place for each thing and each thing in its place

Let’s start with #1: Limit the number

  • Young children truly enjoy an activity when it is limited in number. This allows them to really explore the toys and inspires creativity to work with them in different ways.
  • Limiting the number of items in an activity also gives the child a better chance to put the activity away without any frustration or opposition.
  • If a game or activity comes with lots of parts, only put out smallest number needed and put away the rest.

#2: Basket, tray or bin


  • Once you’ve limited the number of items in an activity, it’s time to place it in a self contained basket, tray or bin.
  • Putting an activity on a tray or in a basket puts the focus and interest on the activity itself, not the packaging it came in.
  • Easy to carry baskets, trays or bins makes it a breeze for children to clean up and put away!

#3: Rotate

  • Once you limit items in an activity, use storage bins to warehouse the extra pieces and parts.
  • Now that the activities are limited you can rotate the contents regularly.
  • Regular rotation keeps activities interesting to the child and keeps them engaged.

#4: Access

  • Homes with siblings can still have activities available for each child within the same space.
  • Once the activities have been limited and kept in a tray, bin or basket, keep the older child’s activities in a place where only they can reach and keep the younger child’s materials lower to the ground.
  • If your home doesn’t have ways in which to raise the activities of an older child, you can put their toys in a container that the younger child cannot open.

#5: Order – A place for everything and everything in its place

  • Once your child’s items are in smaller quantities and in easier to handle containers, it’s important to organize the space and determine where each activity will go.
  • A child’s sense of order is strong and providing designated places for activities to be stored will be beneficial to their development and the consistency of putting things in their place will avoid frustration and opposition when clean up time comes around.

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