Montessori Baby Toys: A Bell/Wooden Ring on a Ribbon

Nov 26, 2020

The hands of a baby were born to explore. Observe a baby of a few months of age and you will see fingers wiggling, palms opening and closing and hands beginning to try and grasp nearby objects.

The Ring/Bell on a Ribbon is the perfect thickness for the baby’s small hands to practice reaching and grasping. Offering these grasping mobile to your baby will aid in her development of eye-hand coordination as well as offer her opportunity to practice visual tracking and strength building in the muscles in her fingers, hands and arms.

How do I share the Ring/Bell on a Ribbon with my baby?     The Ring/Bell on a Ribbon is ideal to introduce to your baby from around 3 to 4 months.

Suspend it securely so that it hangs above your baby’s play space AND within her batting and grasping range.


Your baby should be placed on the floor and free to move. She may reach for it while on her back or maybe she will turn to her stomach and push up on her forearms and try again.

Allow her this opportunity for her own exploration. Rather than placing the ring in your baby’s hands, allow her the opportunity to develop her own skills of perseverance as sets a goal of grasping the ring and then discovers her own ways to attain her goal!

When she learns to bring herself to a sitting position, she will explore it from a whole new perspective!

Be sure to frequently check to see that the Ring/Bell on a Ribbon is securely attached to its mounting point.

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