Reasons to hang Montessori Mobiles


Montessori four visual mobile

~Why hang a mobile?

You want the best for your baby, and you want your kid to be smart, right?

Well, research shows that intellect & smart-ness develop from of a foundation of the five senses.…enter, The Montessori Mobiles.

Montessori Mobiles give your baby a chance to develop and refine their senses.

So, by providing a great foundation for their senses (Montessori Mobiles), you’re supporting their intellect.

~When to offer the mobiles?                                                   Soon! Don’t miss the window!                                                      The Montessori Visual Mobiles are designed for your baby to enjoy BEFORE they have control of their movements and BEFORE they are intentionally grasping/holding things.

Make sure to hang the Mobiles JUST BEYOND your baby’s reach – your baby should not be able to touch the Mobile, but the Mobile should be close enough for your baby to focus using their amazing concentration – at just a few weeks old!

Here are the ideal windows – some overlap, so rotate accordingly…and remember – only ONE mobile hanging over your baby at a time!

The Munari Mobile               3-6 weeks

The Octahedron Mobile       5-8 weeks

The Gobbi Mobile                  7-10 weeks

The Dancer Mobile                0-12 weeks

Can you believe it? I have made over 7,000 Montessori mobiles for babies in 50+ countries!  I made a mobile for my first daughter, and when she saw it, she was mesmerized. I was so inspired by her interest and engagement with the Mobiles, that I thought I would try making mobiles for other babies. I love making Mobiles knowing that your baby will get to enjoy them!


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