Time to put away Montessori Mobiles

Sep 07, 2016

You’ll need

a box (12x12x6 size works great)

2 folders (manila/file folders work well)

There’s a particular order that works well:

1st (at the bottom): Dancer Mobile – inside a manila folder      
2nd: Munari Mobile – inside a manila folder                                
On top: Octahedron and Gobbi Mobiles

How did your baby enjoy the mobile? What about you? Did you take any photo?

Once again, I’d love to hear your Montessori Mobile story. Share it directly below in the comment section.

Note: I have made over 7000 mobiles. Wouldn’t it be so cool to have the picture of all those baby with the mobile?

So for next 7000 mobiles, I am on a mission to gather a baby enjoying Montessori photos from around the world. If you’d consider sharing your photo, please send it to jaejun@bellascasa.com

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