5 Ways to Hang Your Montessori Mobiles

Sep 07, 2016
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My goal is for you to save money and time. I want you to enjoy the delight the mobile will bring to your baby, and have awesome time watching your little one!

$0 /No drilling: these options utilize what you already have in your home to hang the mobile…

  1. If you live in the USA, most houses have air vents in the ceiling. Simply use a string to hang the mobile from the slats in the vent.
  2. Floor lamp – If you have a floor lamp that will work, simply hang the mobile from the lamp.
  3. Play tent – if you have a play tent (5+ feet tall), you can hang the mobile from the center of the tent

…basically look around your home and identify anything that you could suspend the mobile from while your baby lies underneath it

$$/a little drilling required

4.  Another option is a wall-mounted clear acrylic mobile hanger from Micheal Olaf ($12.00) – this is my favorite option – it disappears into the wall (clear plastic), and it’s easy to install – just two screws into the wall.

5. Since the mobiles are so light (about 5 ounces each) opt for an adhesive hook. Adhesive hooks come in various sizes and are easy to remove without damaging the paint on your ceiling. Note that adhesive hooks only stick on to flat ceilings, not textured ceilings.

Other important tips

  1. Mobiles should be hung 10-12 inches away from the baby
  2. Before presenting the mobile, inspect the set up to ensure safety. When first presenting the mobile to your baby, stay close by to ensure it is safe.
  3. Keep in mind that the mobiles are for the visual sense only – not for grasping and touching.
  4. Ideally they should *not* be placed over a bed because the bed is intended for sleeping, not playing.
  5. They should be wherever the baby spends time when alert and playing independently.
  6. Montessori Mobiles are fragile and easily tangled. In between the use,  hang them separately on hooks behind the closet door.
  7. When you receive the mobiles, look carefully at how they are arranged in the box.  To store the mobiles safely, there’s a particular order that works well:1st (at the bottom): Dancer Mobile – inside a manila folder
    2nd: Munari Mobile – inside a manila folder
    On top: Octahedron and Gobbi Mobiles
  8. The Munari and Dancer shape patterns sometimes curl – especially with heat. When this happen, put the  shape patterns in a thick book overnight.

There you have it….I ‘m curious to know which option you will choose…

If you have other ideas besides what I have mentioned above, let me know directly in the comment below, your story may help someone else have the exact “aha! Moment” they need.

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