Spills, crumbs, dirt, oh my!
Jun 28, 2017

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a child encouraged to be independent will be in want of clean up tools. At home, my girls make their own snacks and prepare their own beverages. Inevitably, glasses will tip over, countertops will be smudged and floors will get dirty. My girls know where they can access the … Continue reading “Spills, crumbs, dirt, oh my!”

How sweet it is…
Jun 15, 2017

There is nothing better with breakfast than a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Even a child as young as 18 months can enjoy this refreshing drink and make it for themselves. It’s easy to set it up at home. Here is what you’ll need: A small juicer A small juice glass with a wide … Continue reading “How sweet it is…”

Simple & genius way to improve a day in the life
May 10, 2017

Often people ask me, “So, what is ‘Montessori’?” Usually I start with: “Montessori is just…plain…common sense. The Montessori approach connects with what children want and need, and it lays a strong foundation for life. …” …but usually I don’t get that far (for fear that their eyes will glaze over!) So I’ve been thinking quite a while about how … Continue reading “Simple & genius way to improve a day in the life”

The Baby is Coming!!!! Preparing for your biggest life change…ever (Part-2)
Apr 29, 2017

So how does the baby’s room change as she enters months 6-12? Important changes are occurring in the development of the child during this period.  The baby will start moving, touching objects while lying on her back or stomach and when she can, grasp them and put them in her mouth. She will begin to … Continue reading “The Baby is Coming!!!! Preparing for your biggest life change…ever (Part-2)”

The Baby is Coming!!!! Preparing for your biggest life change…ever (Part-1)
Apr 16, 2017

While fully immersed in the excitement of pregnancy (first sonogram, feeling the first kick, etc.)…there’s an ever-present knowing: the baby is coming, and life will change forever…and overnight you’ll experience less sleep, immense love (combined with a bunch of other emotions), logistics you hadn’t even dreamed of, and much, much more… It’s only natural to … Continue reading “The Baby is Coming!!!! Preparing for your biggest life change…ever (Part-1)”

Coat Confidential
Mar 14, 2017

Where I live, the weather can start one temperature in the morning and be completely different by the afternoon. This winter has been no exception. Chilly mornings and warm afternoons have us juggling for the right layers needed for the day. In my house, Chelyn and Emily can choose the clothing they wish to wear … Continue reading “Coat Confidential”

Who’s Thirsty?
Mar 06, 2017

Have you ever noticed that when your child wants a drink of water, you are just about to begin an activity? It’s almost as if there is a secret sensor that the child tunes into knowing that precise moment to ask. Whether on the phone, getting ready for a quick shower or sitting down to … Continue reading “Who’s Thirsty?”

A little can change a lot
Feb 03, 2017

If you go shopping with a Montessori teacher, you may find yourself on the hunt for that “just-right” spoon, natural fiber trays and beautiful small pitchers of glass or ceramic. We go to flea markets and farmer’s markets, big box stores and garage sales, always searching for those materials that will make the classroom beautiful … Continue reading “A little can change a lot”