Coat Confidential
Mar 14, 2017

Where I live, the weather can start one temperature in the morning and be completely different by the afternoon. This winter has been no exception. Chilly mornings and warm afternoons have us juggling for the right layers needed for the day. In my house, Chelyn and Emily can choose the clothing they wish to wear … Continue reading “Coat Confidential”

Who’s Thirsty?
Mar 06, 2017

Have you ever noticed that when your child wants a drink of water, you are just about to begin an activity? It’s almost as if there is a secret sensor that the child tunes into knowing that precise moment to ask. Whether on the phone, getting ready for a quick shower or sitting down to … Continue reading “Who’s Thirsty?”

A little can change a lot
Feb 03, 2017

If you go shopping with a Montessori teacher, you may find yourself on the hunt for that “just-right” spoon, natural fiber trays and beautiful small pitchers of glass or ceramic. We go to flea markets and farmer’s markets, big box stores and garage sales, always searching for those materials that will make the classroom beautiful … Continue reading “A little can change a lot”

Watch Out-Spoiler Alert!
Jan 13, 2017

Let me set the scene: Friend: “Can you believe what happened on Game of Thrones?” You: “Wait..what? I haven’t watched it yet.” Friend: “What part haven’t you seen yet, the part when…” You: “Don’t tell me!!!” Confession time. I am not current on Game of Thrones. However; I think we can all agree that there … Continue reading “Watch Out-Spoiler Alert!”

Fill Your Baby’s World with Wonder, Imagination, and MONTESSORI MOBILES!
Oct 03, 2016

You want the best for your baby, and you want your kid to be smart, right? Well, research shows that intellect & smart-ness develop from of a foundation of the five senses.…enter, The Montessori Mobiles. Montessori Mobiles give your baby a chance to develop and refine their senses. So, by providing a great foundation for … Continue reading “Fill Your Baby’s World with Wonder, Imagination, and MONTESSORI MOBILES!”