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Hanging Toy


Product Description

So incredibly simple, and so satisfying for the infant of 3-4 months

The hanging toys are provided at the perfect height* above the baby’s play area to allow reaching and grasping – at first it happens unintentionally, and then the infant connects the cause and effect of their actions. The action becomes intentional as the infant discovers “I can make things change around myself and I can do something by myself.”

This set includes one piece of beige ribbon to measure and suspend the toy at just the right height, and one piece of elastic to allow the baby to pull.

Size information:
Ring – 3″ across with ~72” ribbon
Bell -1.5″ with ~72″ ribbon
(ribbons are 5/8″ wide)
Extra ribbon: 12-14″ long
Elastic: 8-10″ long – 1/4″ width


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