Korean Alphabets Game


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So incredibly simple, and fun way to learn how Korean words are formed. This is a hands-on Korean learning tool that invites children to practice, not only how the words are formed, but how to write and read in Korean at the same time.

•How it works:
Simply spin the black consonant letter chart FIRST and then the red letter chart to form a word. This is a hands -on alphabet learning tool that teaches children how to write and read Korean words.
-After practicing with 2-letter words, expand into 3-letter words!
-This game comes with 3 wheels, each with a spinner.
(2 Black consonant wheel charts and 1 red vowel Charts.)
-Children enjoy the repetition and the delight of discovery – seeing where the spinner lands, and sounding out and writing the words.
-Great reading, speaking, and writing practice – instructions for easy explanation enclosed.
-The activity naturally clarifies the position of the letters.
-For long-term use, lamination is recommended.
-Perfect for ages 4 and up!

♣ 사용연령 : 4세 이상
♣ 게임인원 : 1명 부터
♣ 구성 : 자음 돌림판 모음 돌림판
♣ 학습효과 :눈과 손의 협응력을 기른다. 순발력 발달,
♣ 게임 목표:게임으로 재미있게 익히는 음절 만들기, 소리가 합쳐지면서 만든 낱글자 읽고 쓰기
게임 방법: “ ㄱ ” 과 “ㅏ ” 가 합쳐지면 어떠한 글자가 완성될까요?
1. 먼저 자음돌림판을 돌리고 모음 돌림판을 돌린다. (자음 돌림판은 검정색으로 모음 돌림판는 빨간색으로 구별했다).
2. 돌린 두 음절을 읽고 쓰기 연습한다.

아이들에게 ㅏㅑㅓㅕ ㅣ 는 자음 옆에 ㅗㅛㅜㅠㅡ 는 자음 밑에 쓰는 규칙을 알려준다.


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