The Little Linguist Montessori Reading Set


Product Description

The Little Linguist -Reading Kit offers your child the necessary keys to reading that will set them up for success as a budding reader!
The strategy is simple: phonetic words + non-phonetic sight words = reading success.

3 sets of cards are included:

*80 Phonetic Word Cards
* 56 Phonogram (blends “sh”) List Cards
*144 Sight Word Cards

After your child can connect letters and sounds (identify the letter/symbol ‘b’ and say ‘buh’), they are ready to launch into reading with the Little Linguist Reading Kit.

First introduce the set of Phonetic Word Cards: each card has a short phonetic word and offers the opportunity to combine the familiar symbols & sounds to read each word.

Next, introduce the Phonogram List Cards: a “phonogram” is simply a combination of letters that makes one unique sound: for example, the phonogram ‘sh’ makes the sound ‘sh’ as in ‘ship.’

Finally, introduce the Sight Word Cards. These cards contain super-common non-phonetic words. Instead of sounding them out, the child easily memorizes the word. The selection of words is carefully researched and represents the 144 most common words in the English language.

All of the cards are perfectly sized for the little hands of the budding reader.

An enclosed instruction card provides more ideas and details for how to use the cards with your child.

Product Specifications:
*Phonetic Word Cards: 80 cards 3.5×2 inches
*Phonogram List Cards: 56 cards 3.75×5 inches
*Sight Word Cards: 144 cards 2.5×2.5 inches

The download files are in PDF format, you will need a PDF reader to view them.


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