Wooden Ring and Bell


Product Description

This set includes one wooden ring and one silver bell – super simple, and endless enjoyment for your little one (3-4 months).

Each toy has multiple uses, and you’ll marvel as your baby touches, bats, and grasps the suspended ring or bell.

The ring and bell come ready to hang with the grosgrain ribbon and elastic included – considerable savings as you can hang yourself! The enclosed ribbon can be used to hang the bell and the ring (one at a time), and the ribbon is long enough to hang from your arch hanging toy(baby gym) or ceiling.

The ribbon allows for adjusting to exactly the right height, and the elastic also included allows for some give which responds to the baby’s pull and grasp. Your baby can interact with the ring while on her back or during tummy time. Let your baby be empowered as she impacts her surroundings while improving her grasping and batting abilities!

Supervised play is best with young ones!

*See enclosed card that accompanies toys for specific hanging instructions

Size information:
Ring 2.5″ across
Silver Jingle Bell 1.26″ (32mm)
Grosgrain Ribbon 5/8″ (1.58cm) 16-18 long (for arch hanging toy 2nd photo)
Elastic1/4″ (.63cm) 8-10″ long


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