Wander into wonder. . it’s where the good stuff is

Nov 16, 2021

We’re deep into autumn and enjoying all of the beauty this season has to offer. Painting with nature objects was a BIG hit in my classroom.

We first went on a nature walk to find these natural objects: Acorns, pine cones, pine needles, rocks, feathers, twigs and leaves. The natural world is a beautiful place and the children took time to notice every inspiring detail…

Then the children used the nature objects to paint (instead of PAINT brushes). Some of the words we thought of to describe different techniques we used are:

  • sweeping
  • printing
  • turning
  • splattering
  • rolling
  • dragging
  • dipping


The sweeping and splattering were the two of our favorite techniques! “I love it, I love it!” “Can I do another one?  ” Look at mine, this is SO cool!” I would hear the children exclaim. WHAT A FUN DAY WE HAD!!!

Wander into wonder. . . it’s where the good stuff is.

Now…fall in LOVE with nature!💕

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