The Magic of Montessori- Tidy-Up Tips That Will Change Your Life
Dec 21, 2020

We ALL fail. It’s inevitable. But then what? Anytime you face a setback in life, you have two options. You can… decide you’re a failure and give up, OR get stronger, wiser, and more determined to succeed. Admittedly this year, I’ve struggled with organizing. I just didn’t have time and I was too overwhelmed. So today, I had reality … Continue reading “The Magic of Montessori- Tidy-Up Tips That Will Change Your Life”

Montessori Home: A Closet Tour
Aug 16, 2020

With summer coming to a close and families everywhere shifting back to more structured learning, a little organizing magic can go a long way to ease the transition. You can start with just a small tiny step, one room at a time. The most important thing is to START.  Today, I will take you to our girls’ closet … Continue reading “Montessori Home: A Closet Tour”

Nature brings me JOY
Aug 06, 2020

As we can all feel, our world is in a super challenging place, and the stress, fear, and uncertainty is taking a toll. That’s why it’s important to cultivate and savor simple moments of joy as much as we can. Almost everyday, we have enjoyed daily walks in nature! Fresh air, the sound of tree … Continue reading “Nature brings me JOY”

Our Home Tour
Nov 11, 2019

  I have used 3 simple ideas to set up our home for my daughter Emily, age 5. Here are the 3 big ideas: Love of learning Less is More Independence Let’s take a look at a few rooms in our house and see how these three big ideas have been used. The Playroom This … Continue reading “Our Home Tour”