FREE Visual Stimulation Cards For Newborns

Apr 06, 2017

I think we can all agree that infants are pretty amazing right?

In one year they learn to roll over, slither, sit up, crawl, and walk!

There is nothing sweeter than hearing those first coos, seeing that first smile, and watching the moment when they discover their toes.

There is so much happening inside those tiny bodies – it leaves us in awe and we just want to offer them everything!

There are so many toys and options out there, and each one seems perfect for our baby – not only would it be great, but our baby NEEDS this…and this…and that…and that other thing too.

However, a baby’s needs are a lot simpler…

Those toys are appealing to US (adults); however, the baby’s vision is still developing: they are learning to coordinate the movement of both eyes and develop their focus.

So what is most appealing and stimulating for the baby?…

Bold, black & white, realistic images. Period. (to learn more about why this is, see our footnote * below)

Also, try out this vision simulator to get an idea of what your baby can see when first born and then at each consecutive month. It’s quite amazing!!!

So, at Bella’s Casa, we offer BLACK AND WHITE CONTRAST ART CARDS for you to use with your baby to stimulate visual development.

Why do babies like them so much?

There’s lots of scientific reasons why (see ** below), and I can personally attest to this phenomenon:

I used them with my girls, and their eyes lit up! They both gazed and stared at the cards – studying with such concentration and delight – soaking in the images.

It’s the same reason baby’s are drawn to the human face: simple bold colors and patterns help babies develop their visual sense in the first months of life.

Simple, free, and stimulating – who can argue with that!?

Now here is a fun part…How to use these cards…

When offering your child black and white cards to look at, position them 8-12 inches from their face.

There are lots of options for where and how:

4 photos for art card


They can be displayed by the changing area…


They can be positioned near baby’s movement area…

They can be framed where ever baby can see it easily…


And yes practically anywhere-even near the laundry room!

Bonus tips:

Kept these cards in a basket and share them during snuggle time while telling a story to your little one.

Also, this is also the perfect time to offer your baby simple, high-contrast mobiles like the Munari Mobile mobile to support the visual sense.

To go the extra mile, use other black & white toys such as rattles and mobiles. And for super bonus points, you can even wear striped shirts (bold colors, not pastels) as often as possible.

These simple and beautiful activities will bring enjoyment and you can try it now for FREE – your baby (and your wallet) will thank you.


* Babies can see colors when they are born; however in their first few months, they are still unable to discriminate one color from the other. Black & white high-contrasts offer the newborn the opportunity to sharpen their focus and support the development of eye contact with other humans.

 ** Dr. Montessori explains, ‘High contrast beautiful art offers the infant an opportunity for stimulation which will help calm and soothe the infant as well as enhance natural curiosity, support brain development, and increase concentration skills.”

Research has proven that black and white contrast s register powerfully on the baby’s retina and sends the strongest visual signals to the baby’s brain. Stronger signals mean more brain growth and faster visual development.

Now here’s what I want you to do next..

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