A Closet Tour

Apr 25, 2022
Is your home tidy? What about your children’s closet space?
Are they able to choose their clothing on their own?
If the answer is no, don’t worry – I am here to help.
Last week, I have completely changed from all the winter clothes to the warmer spring/summer clothes – and it only took about 20 minutes
Let me give you a tour to our girls’ closet.
As you can see, the closet is a tiny space, yet the belongings of both my girls are neatly organized.
I’ve found that living in small spaces does not have to be a limiting factor.
Here are some tips for organizing and tidying up a closet space:
1. Use the walls
2. Waste no space at all.
3. Avoid using heavy furniture
4. Less is more
5. Everything has a place.
See here how low racks have been installed for clothing.
This rack is adjustable, and it was less than $5 at Walmart. All I had to do was simply secure it between the two walls.
It is easy to access containers for accessories, and there are low hooks for little hands to easily put away belongings.
These hair accessories are placed where both girls can easily access them.
…and the best part?
I re-purposed an old picture frame into a necklace organizer: recycling at work, and in general, less is more.

One of the top questions I’m asked by a lot from parents is about setting up spaces for siblings with different ages:
I recommend thinking about a way you can separate activities on the higher level out of reach of the younger child – this works like magic.


In case you are wondering, the hair accessories are organized with door hangers (I got these door hangers – used for hanging wreaths – from the Dollar store.)

Emily also has accessories she can wear – and these are kept on low hooks that are at her height. She is able to choose what to wear on her own.

Things to consider! Only put out something your child can manage by herself.

Closet Organization

Also, only put out appropriate clothing for the current weather. If only winter clothing is available in the winter, then we can avoid saying “Don’t wear that” or “That’s not appropriate” when they choose to wear shorts in the middle of winter.

If you set up the closet the right way, your morning routine becomes much smoother!

I love this type of shelving – it’s so flexible to add containers and hooks where we need them. The green container is where we keep Emily’s socks.

These baskets are full of Chelyn’s clothing accessories:
Each basket is labeled and supplied for a single category such as socks, underwear, tights, pants, and shirts.
Now…this is where it really gets good…
As we are packing away the warm-weather clothes, we decided together RIGHT THEN AND THERE which clothes most likely will not fit next fall/winter, and those clothes went immediately to the garage to the container to be donated.
Below this low rack for clothing, a series of baskets are available for Emily’s clothing.
Again, each basket has only one type of clothing stored inside.
In each basket, she has 5-6 of everything: 5-6 pairs of underwear, 5-6 shirts, and 5-6 pants.
Just so you know, Emily had only two choices when she was younger.
The number will be increased as she gets older.
By the way, the bottom basket is where I keep Emily’s extra clothes, under wears and socks – it’s my back-up supply to replenish and have the right number of choices available.
There is one more thing worth mentioning:
We do laundry three times a week. After clothes are washed and dried, folding laundry is one of my girls’ responsibilities.
 You want to know the best part?
They know where everything goes! If you are dreaming to have a smoother morning, start organizing your closet.
The hardest part is to START!
We look forward to your comments…Which idea is your favorite part?
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