The Magic of Montessori- Tidy-Up Tips That Will Change Your Life

Dec 21, 2020
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We ALL fail. It’s inevitable. But then what?
Anytime you face a setback in life, you have two options. You can…
  • decide you’re a failure and give up, OR
  • get stronger, wiser, and more determined to succeed. Admittedly this year, I’ve struggled with organizing.

I just didn’t have time and I was too overwhelmed.

So today, I had reality check and I’m determined to put our house in order, particularly, the playroom.
Somehow, the kids and I have accumulated A LOT of school related papers, outgrown toys and so much more stuff!
Parents play a KEY role in setting up the home environment where the child can pursue their interests and cultivate their skills.
In the Montessori world, we know that the set-up matters: how the space is set up can make or break the opportunity for independence.
Click here to read some tips and suggestions that are easy to try and can really make the positive change in your home life that you are looking for.
 You have the strength, creativity, and resilience to turn those setbacks into fresh starts.
Once you’ve had a chance to read, join me in the comments below.
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