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Aug 03, 2016

We’re excited to begin our blog for Bella’s Casa

A new school year is starting, and I’m going to be the best parent I can be! Have you ever said that to yourself?

As I write this, the first day of school is around the corner and the messages are out there. Whether it’s about resolutions to educate and motivate our children, buying books on decluttering and tidying up or dipping our toes into the art of bullet journaling, a new school year brings about the feeling to change our habits and embrace new behaviors.

To those of us who are parents and caregivers, we tend to create such an overwhelming to-do list that ends up creating anxiety rather than inspiration!
In an age of social media, it’s easy to fall under the pressure to believe that we are doing it all wrong. In efforts to perfect our parenting skills, we pin boards, repost a multitude of ideas about crafts to do, homemade games to make, IKEA hacks to try and adorable baked goods to cook.

Don’t you wish there was a simpler way?

It might be that your morning routine is chaotic and you want to see that change. It could be that you are ready to try toileting your child and you’re wondering how to start. Or, your children are older and you wish to give their bedroom a facelift and need some fresh ideas.

We here at Bella’s Casa want to help you make the changes you want on the timetable that works for you.

Our goal is to offer tips and suggestions that are easy to try and can really make the positive change in your home life that you are looking for.

To get a sense for what we’re about, check out our Montessori Home Tour.  Click Here to watch now!

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