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3 -Part Reading Cards -Montessori vegetable language cards-pdf download
These 3-Part Reading Cards has multiple uses-spoken language and identical matching activity for your little one and reading practice for your older one.

3 simple ways to introduce:

1. Vocabulary-with the photo cards only (approximate age 2-1/2)
The photo cards let children practice the first step to language development… Spoken Language

2. Matching activity- with 2 sets of the identical cards (approximate age 3-1/2)
First, match pictures directly, side by side. Then add distance by placing one set of cards far away from the other set (put one set of cards face down in one room – Room #1, lay out all of the second set in a different room – Room #2, turn over the first card in Room #1 and leave it there, walk to Room #2 to collect the matching card).. This challenges the children, adds interest to inspire more repetition, and gives cause for purposeful movement
This matching activity lets children play with the words they love in a lively game. Matching cards trains the memory while simultaneously helping children refine their hand-eye coordination

3. 3- part reading exercise- (approximate age 4 and if child can read phonetic words)
Once a child has learned the vocabulary for this set, they are free to practice it using the full set of 3-part cards. They can match the pictures with the labels, and then use the labeled picture as a ‘control card’ to check their own work.

12 illustrated vegetable cards – pepper, pea, tomato, asparagus, eggplant, carrot, mushroom, corn, potato, turnip, spinach and onion.

You will receive two different files
1st file has 3 pdf pages of the vegetable cards (pictures and words) use this for the control cards
2nd file also has 3 pdf pages of the vegetable cards (pictures and words) but this file has dotted lines for you to cut labels. This makes complete set of 3-Cards.

*Simply print and cut one more set of the 2nd file for the matching activity.

Size information:
4.25″ x 5.5″- (control cards-picture and word cards)
4.25″ x 4″- (photo cards) & 4.25″ x 1.5″- ( word cards)

For long-term use, lamination is recommended and print on card stock paper (8 1/2 x11).

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The download files are in PDF format, you will need a PDF reader to view them.


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